Men of Kent Cemetery, Scituate, MA, burial site of Walter Woodworth, b. 1612


Men of Kent Cemetery, Scituate, MA

Pictures taken in June 1997 at the Scituate, MA, cemetery where Walter Woodworth may be buried.

cememark.jpg (44742 bytes)
Marker for "Men of Kent" Cemetery.
 (and Woody Woodworth peering from

vu_cemet.jpg (108622 bytes)
     The "Men of Kent Cemetery".   Walter is, in all probability, buried somewhere
in this cemetery.  The majority of the black slate headstones have eroded to
illegibility or have disappeared.
      Large square stone in foreground is
the site of the first meeting house of
Scituate.   Marker in immediate lower right shows location of the  "Site of the
First Church of Scituate".
    The marker in lower right above is shown in frontal view

plaque.jpg (98914 bytes)

Plaque of Meeting House Location, which is
adjacent to the "Men of Kent" cemetery.  


vu_ceme2.jpg (77035 bytes)

Men of Kent Cemetery.  Enlarged view of picture 2 frames up.

 memorial.jpg (35882 bytes)
This memorial is located in
the center of the "Men of
Kent" cemetery

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