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Walter Woodworth did not come over on the Mayflower (that we're aware of), but some descendants of Walter, from early to recent, did marry another person who did, and their children are then Mayflower descendants.  Here's the information site for those qualified to become a member of the Mayflower Society:

Diane (Woodworth) Liebert provides here a chart which details her lineages from multiple Mayflower passengers:

A third generation Ebenezer Woodworth married a descendant of a Mayflower passenger.  Thus, Woodworth descendants of Ebenezer's (b 1691) marriage can claim to have an ancestor who came across on the Mayfllower.  Ebenezer Woodworth (b 1691), (son of Benjamin, son of Walter of Scituate), married Rebecca Smalley, who was a Mayflower descendant.

Here's Rebecca's line to the above Ebenezer (b 1691):   Stephen Hopkins was a Mayflower passenger.  His  daughter was Constanta (Constance Hopkins). Constance married Nicholas Snow, and their son John married Mary Small(ey). Their daughter Rebecca Snow married Benjamin Smalley. Their daughter Rebecca Smalley married Ebenezer Woodworth.  

1. Walter
2. Benjamin
3. Ebenezer and Rebecca

There are very detailed, informative discussions of Woodworth connections to Mayflower descendants on the Rootsweb Woodworth mail list archives.  See the following link for details.   (Note that there are seven pages of archived Mayflower-Woodworth data.)    IMPORTANT NOTE:    When you click on the link below and reach that page,  scroll down! or you miss the seven pages of info!

 (Later plans are to synopsize the list discussions and place them on this page).