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Hi all,
Can you help Kate identify this picture?  (scroll down)  Please notify the web man and Kate (both so I can clear this page when complete.)

Hello Woody and Diane,
I wonder if you could do a favor for me?  I am trying to identify a photograph.  It's someone in my grandmother's past, as I found it in a box of framed photos of her children and other immediate family.  I've calculated the date of the photo at around 1865 plus or minus five years by looking at other photos with similar clothing.  I wonder if it could be Henry or even George Woodworth in my direct line, but it could also be someone in my grandmother's maternal line and not a Woodworth at all.  Would you be willing to send the photo around to other Woodworths?  Maybe someone has seen this face?  Thanks, if you find this possible. 
Here's Kate's line, which should help narrow down the field:
1. Walter Woodworth (M. Elizabeth ? maybe Rogers)
2. Benjamin Woodworth (M. Hannah Damon)
3. Ebenezer Woodworth (M. Rebecca Smalley - Mayflower descendent)
4. Ebenezer Woodworth Jr. (M. Hopestill Tryon)
5. Sylvanus Woodworth (M. Tamasin Nevins)
6. George Woodworth (M. Lois Hovey)
7. Artemus Brooks Woodworth (M. Lucia Mahalia Brooks)
      and Artemus had a sister Elizabeth Kimball Woodworth (M. Peter Whittemore)
 8. Henry Phelps Woodworth M. Amy Florence Whittemore - his cousin
9. Catharine Woodworth (M. Harold Truscott Davis)
10. Eleanor  xxxxx
11. Kate     xxxxx