Woodworths in DAR/SAR Records

There are many Woodworths who served in the Revolution.  These names are already in the DAR/SAR as validated participants.  The names are provided here for the purpose of assisting current Woodworths or Woodworth descendants who are seeking membership in the DAR or SAR.

    (DAR/SAR records show only about 4 to 5 percent of those Woodworths who served in the Revolutionary War, as the records contain only those who have had descendants apply for DAR/SAR. )

ABNER,  born Little Compton, 2 Aug 1724. Served as a private in Capt Benjamin Clark's Company, Col Obadiah Johnson's Regiment, CT. Militia in the Rev War in the State of RI. He entered camp 8 Jan 1778 and served for two months and the roll dated at Providence, RI, 16 Feb 1778 shows him present.

ASA, born Coventry, Tolland Co., CT, abt 1762. In Capt Mills' Company, Rev War, 20 Feb 1782.

(?)BENJAMIN, Jr,  born Lebanon, Conn. 8 June 1729
         Served in Col. Burkes regiment, and in Capt Baker's unit
born Scituate, Mass. 15 June 1750.  Soldier in the Rev.  Enlisted as a Private at Cambridge and was at the taking of Dorchester Heights.  (More).
(?)BENJAMIN, born about 1761.  Soldier in Rev.
born Lebanon,CT 2 Apr 1759.  Soldier in Rev.
       Note: there are four Benjamin's who were in the Rev war, but which one is in DAR/SAR record is not available at this writing.

CALEB,  born Lebanon, 22 May 1704 and died Salisbury, Conn., 30 May 1780
    Files in Louisville:
        SAR National # 086978 - Nebraska State Society # 00454; C C Wells
        SAR National # 047957 - Michigan State Society # 01485; F L Woodworth
DYER, born Lebanon, CT;  born 7 Aug 1758. Private in the Revolution.  

EPHRAIM,  born Lebanon,Conn., 22 September 1732.  Captain in Van Veghten's 4th Co. 13th Regiment Albany Co., N.Y., Militia, under Colonel John McCrea and took part in the capture of Burgoyne at Saratoga in the Battle of Bemis Heights. His home was headquarters for Gen. Gates during those battles [N.Y. State Archives, 271]. His sons Ephraim and Reuben were in his Company during part of the Revolution.
EPHRAIM (Son of above), born Salisbury, Conn., 2 March 1756

EZRA, born Lebanon, CT, 25 Aug 1763.  Enlisted at Lebanon, Jun 1780 as a pvt under Washington; also served under Capt Andrew Fitch and Col John Durkee, Pvt. 4th CT Regiment from 13 Jul 1780 to Dec 1780.

GERSHOM, born Tryingham, MA, 26 Feb 1755. Lost an eye and arm in the Revolution. Served as Private and Sergeant,

JAMES, born Scituate, MA, 17 Jun 1754.  Enlisted for 12 months under Capt Weed and Col John Bailey. Enlisted Feb 1777 for three yrs under Capt Judah Allen and Col John Bailey. Spent the winter of 1777-1778 at Valley Forge. Jun 1780 to 27 Mar 1781 under Capt Luther Bailey

JOHN, born Lebanon, CT, 1755/6.  Sgt, Vermont Militia, Revolutionary War.

JONATHAN, born Norwich, Conn., 26 October 1738.  Served in the Colonial Wars: Sgt in 1st CT Regiment 27 Mar 1762 - 12 Dec 1762; Sgt in Putnam's 3rd Continental defenders 5 May to 10 Dec 1775; as 2nd Ltt in Col Durkee's Regiment, 20th Continental Infantry 1 Jan to 31 Dec 1776. Also served as midshipman in the Navy 14 Apr to 14 Oct 1777. Said to have been a Captain in the Navy.


JOSEPH    (3 different ones)

REUBEN, born Salisbury, CT, 8 Jul 1761. Served in the Revolutionary War from New York in his father's regiment, and was a Major in the War of 1812 [Pension #26118].


SALVENUS,  born Lebanon, CT, 2 Jan 1748.  Served in the Rev War and fought in the Battle of Bunker Hill in Capt James Clark's Co. of CT and siege of Boston under General Putnam.



WILLIAM, born Lebanon, Conn., 4 January 1735.    Served in Revolution in the 16th Cambridge (NY) Regiment as First Lieutenant, N.Y. Militia under Colonel Lewis VanWoert and was with General Stark in his operation against Bennington and with General Gates at Saratoga in 1777.
born Groton, Conn., 22 December 1763.  

WILLIAM GERSHOM., born Tyringham, Berkshire Co., MA, 13 Oct 1758.  Volunteered at Cambridge, NY, in Jun, 1777. He then went to Albany, Fort Edward and Fort Ann. He was discharged briefly in August, 1777 to go from White Creek, Washington Co., N.Y., to Tyringham, Berkshire Co. with his father's family for the purpose of getting them out of the way of the enemy. He rejoined under the command of Colonel Van Wort and went from Salem, Hebron and East Town. On 21 March 1778 he was taken prisoner by Indians, one Tory and three Frenchmen. They took him to Coughnenaga, Canada and then to Montreal. He escaped in April and returned to Cambridge, N.Y., 18 May 1778. He was robbed of everything including a rifle for which he had paid $30.00. It was very cold and he suffered "much." He went four days without food except for leeks and anything he could catch in the woods. In May or June, he went out from Cambridge under Lieutenant Gershom Woodworth. He was discharged 9 Oct 1778. In 1781, he volunteered again and served as a scout on several missions. He applied and received a pension Dec 1833 stating he was a resident of Mayfield, NY. Jeremiah Wood and Collins O'Dell were listed as able to testify to his service" [Material from Marsha Hoffman Rising, a Woodworth Family genealogist].  William served in the Revolution in 16th Albany Company under Capt McPhillip and Wells, Colonels Van Woert and Williams, New York line and was in the Battle of Saratoga [Pension #17207]

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