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Closet motels are in Quincy:
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Head Reunion Organizer

Paul Woodworth
Box 4 Ursa, IL 62376


Paul Woodworth's line back to Walter of Sciutate, MA, born 1608:
1.  Walter Woodworth
2.  Joseph Woodworth
3.  Joseph Woodworth
4.  Joseph Woodworth  17 Mar 1696 -1784
5.  Abner Woodworth   Aug 2, 1724-1809
        + Hannah Dyer
6.  Joseph Woodworth 18 Oct 1759 - 8 Sept 1824
        +Sarah Harding 5 Jan 1761 - 14 Feb 1824
7.  Hiram Woodworth 30 Jul 1802 - 21 Nov 1875
       +Polly R. Glenn 9 Nov 1801- 14 Feb 1864
8.  Hiram Woodworth,
Jr,  b. 1830 in Hancock County, IL and buried in Allison Cemetery near Nebo, IL (Pike County, IL
9.  Abraham Pleasant Woodworth   b July 3, 1857,  d Aug 14, 1920
        +Christina Ailer  b Jan 1, 1857  d Feb 20, 1893
        +(2nd wife) Ella Eichorn
10. Edward O  Woodworth  Aug 5, 1888 d Aug 26, 1965 
         +Clara Voorhis b Mar 6, 1891    d Feb 26, 1959 
11. Chester E Woodworth  b 1923    d 2013   
        + Gladys Mann       b 1924    d 2012
12.  Paul Dean Woodworth


Map to the UFC community center

UFC Community center is 2 miles north of Ursa



Overhead view of UFC community center


The east entrance driveway the UFC Community Center


(NOTE:  Need pics and information for the 2016 reunion)



Descendants of Edward and Clara Woodworth met for a reunion on 26 July 2015 in Ursa/Mendon, Illinois.  A grand time was had by all.  Paul Woodworth and sister Jan Marks, descendants of Ed and Clara, sent these pictures to share.   (NOTE: This picture was made from two separate pictures spliced together.)

Woodworth Reunion, July 26, 2015


The First Reunion, Organized by Ed and Clara Woodworth, August 2, 1942.


Ed and Clara Voorhis Woodworth Marriage Portrait
Ed and Clara founded the reunions in 1942.

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Ed and Clara Woodworth at the cabin they built.
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Ed Woodworth at an early age.


Above is Edward Woodworth (born 5 Aug 1888).
The two young ones are Ed's grandchildren, Bruce Woodworth and Vicki (Woodworth) Dill.
El Presidente Paul (of the reunion) (not shown) is a cousin of Bruce and Vickie.

Chester and Gladys Marriage Day Photo, married Sept. 18, 1941
(click here for large high resolution picture of Ed and Clara for viewing and downloading)

They are the parents of Paul Woodworth, Milton Woodworth, and Janice (Woodworth) Marks
Chester is one of the children of Ed and Clara.

On the left is Rose Woodworth, mother of Bruce and Vickie.
On the right is Rose's sister in law, Betty Jackson.
In the middle is unknown.


Teen (Carl) (left)  & Ted (right) Pribble.  
Teen (Carl) (on left) is the son of Bertha (Woodworth) Pribble.  
Bertha (not shown) was Ed Woodworth's sister. 
Bertha (Woodworth) Pribble and her husband had two sons, Teen (Carl) and Bub.
Bub (not shown) married Saddie (not shown), and they had a son Bobby (not shown).