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Samuel Woodworth the Poet

 Samuel Woodworth: Poet and Author
Music in background is "The Old Oaken Bucket", sung by
the 1908 "Knickerbocker Quartet".  If not playing in the background, click here to hear.


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 The Life of Samuel Woodworth 1. Walter
2. Joseph
3. Benjamin
4. Benjamin
5. Benjamin 
6. Samuel (the poet) Woodworth
      b Scituate, MA., 13 Jan1784;
      d New York City, NY, 9 Dec 1842.


Samuel Woodworth per Wikipedia 
1937 News Article -- San Francisco Chronicle 
Old Oaken Bucket -- Words & Music
Old Oaken Bucket music sheet 
Indiana/Purdue Football trophy -- the Old Oaken Bucket
The Poems, Odes, Songs, and Other Metrical Effusions of Samuel Woodworth, Pub. 1818
Melodies, Songs, and Ballads by S. Woodworth



Samuel T. Woodworth
13 Jan 1784 - 9 Dec 1842
Descended from Walter (born about
1612) Woodworth 1, Joseph 2,
Benjamin 3,4,5, and Samuel (above) 6

The well and old oaken bucket.  Changes from the
past include rock around the well in place of wood
painted white,  and the bucket has been cemented
in place due to frequent theft.  (The counterbalanced
pole arrangement is a "wellsweep", or "sweep".)


Above:  Samuel's "Old Oaken Bucket" on right

Above:  Same home, different view


The house is 1/2 block from "Woodworth Lane", at the base of "Walter Woodworth Hill", and roughly two or three miles from where our Walter first lived.

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