Descendants of William Woodworth,  born 1776 in Quebec

           This Woodworth descendancy group is from William Woodworth born in Quebec, Canada, 11 Mar 1776, son of an English soldier, first name unknown.   DNA from this group shows that William b 1776 is genetically unrelated to Walter Woodworth b abt 1612 of Scituate.  

          The parents of William b 1776 may have been found.  Keith Berry of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada has found a William Woodworth, son of John and Hannah (Bailey) Woodworth, born 11 Feb, 1776 (record from Church of England, All Saint's Church, Wellington, Shropshire, England).  (See Rootsweb archives)  The date of birth for the two Williams differ by exactly one month, which is not an unusual error.  Dual recordings of births and deaths in the "old home town" and a present residence was common, and thus William's birth could easily have been recorded in both Quebec and in Shropshire, England.   However, this prospect for William's parents has not been confirmed and requires more research.  The old naming convention of that day suggests that William's first son George should have John instead, and that decreases the likelihood that William's parents have been found.

          William is buried in Lunenberg, NS, "St. John in the Wilderness Cemetery", New Germany, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, which provides birth and death dates.

          Considerable information is provided by Andrew Woodworth (click here) and by Jeanette Behan in her newsletters 2, 3, 4, and 5 (installments all  towards the end of each newsletter).

           Gwen Woodworth provides general information on various descendants of William, son of soldier of Quebec. 
See Gwen Woodworth general information

The DNA of William has not yet been clearly established.  The DNA of those tested have been inconsistent, with three tested not matching one another.  More male descendants of William, with documented lines,  need to have their DNA tested so that William's DNA can be established. 


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Harold "Woody" Woodworth

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Harold "Woody" Woodworth's home page

1.   William         b. 11 Mar 1776
2.   John George b 15 July 1814
3.   Isaac James  b 21 Jan 1841
4.   James Elias   b 15 Jan 1868, NS
5.   James Willis  b 4 May 1898, Halifax, NS
6.   Harold Sr      b 1923
7.   Harold Jr       b 1952

Andrew Woodworth

Detailed line information as provided by Andrew

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1. WILLIAM WOODWORTH, b 11 Mar 1776 in Quebec, Canada, d 2 May 1846. m. SOPHIA DOROTHY FEINDEL 30 Sep 1798 in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
2.  JOHN WOODWORTH, b. 15 Jul 1814, New Germany,
Lunenburg County, NS. m. Ann Tilbert in 1843
3. ISAAC JAMES  WOODWORTH, b. 21 Jan 1841, Summerside, Lunenburg County, NS
4. JAMES ELIAS WOODWORTH, b. 15 Jan 1867, Waterloo, Lunenberg County, NS
5. JAMES WILLIS WOODWORTH, b. 04 May 1897,
Lunenburg County, NS; d. 20 Dec 1996, Fairview Villa, Halifax, NS
7. Andrew
Stephen Woodworth
    of Canadian Parliament
(close cousin of Harold and Andrew above)


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1. William Woodworth 1776-1846, Quebec, Canada,
        m. Sophia Dorothea (Feindal)
2.  George David Woodworth
1819-1892, New Germany,
          Nova Scotia, m. Lucinda Louisa (Feindal)
3.  Angeline Sarah Elizabeth Woodworth 1847-1936
         Ohio, Lun. Co, NS. m Josias Joseph Acker
4.   Caleb Douglas Acker 1885-1985
Steven Woodworth

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1.  William Woodworth b. 1776
2.  George David Woodworth b. 1819
3.  Joseph Benjamin Woodworth b. 1849
4.  Archibald Woodworth b. 1887
5.  Joseph Woodworth b. 1919
6.  Robert Archibald Woodworth b. 1958
7.  Steven Joseph Woodworth (me) b. 1987

Iris Woodworth-Watson

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(1) William Woodworth, b. March 11, 1776, Quebec, d. May 2, 1846, Quebec, d May 2, 1846, NS, m Sophia Dorothea (Feinthal) b Oct 24, 1777
(2) George Andrew Woodworth b Nov 3, 1810, NS, m Mary Baker McNayr
(3) Silas Woodworth b May 1, 1843, NS, m Bridget Flemming
) Silas Woodworth b ca 1867, NS, m Ceretha Mailman (Mehlman)
(5) Allan Urias Woodworth b ca 1889, Hemford, NS, d Nov 1918 of influenza, m Gladys Viola Veniot b April 13, 1899, Hemford died Aug 8, 1986 , McKays, Nfld
(Grandmother's family, starting with Jacques Veniot, came from France)
(6) Allan Uriah Woodworth b June 30, 1919, Hemford, NS died October 14, 1985, McKays, Nfld, m Stella Rita Peach June 26, 1915, Arnold's Cove, Nfld, d Nov 28, 1988, McKays, Nfld. (Mom's family was originally from England)
(8) daughters: Marilyn Elfreda Woodworth b 1942, McKays, Nfld, and Iris Lillian Woodworth b 1944, McKays, Nfld.

    If John Woodworth of Wellington, Shropshire, England was in fact the English soldier father of William b 1776 in Quebec, then John's other children, in addition to William b 1776, was John b 2Dec1770 and Sarah b 29May1774, both born in Wellington.

       Per Jeanette Behan's newsletter dated Nov-Dec 1984, page 10, the children of William Woodworth (of Quebec b 11 Mar 1776) and Sophia (Feinthal) were:
JANE ELIZABETH, b. 3 Jan 1801; bp. 9 Jan 1801, New Germany, U.S.; m. 25 June 1822 a LaHave,
      John Simpson - farmer.
2.  MARY ELIZABETH (k/a Elizabeth), b. 12 Jan 1803, bp. 20 Jan 1803; in. 1823 Frederick Remig
3.  WILLIAM, b. 21 Jan 1805; bp. 25 Feb 1805
4.  SUSANNA CATHERINE, b. 22 July 1807, bp. 1 Dec 1807; m. Henry Robar in 1851.
           (She had illegitimate son - James William Hibbard, b. 1845.)
5.  GEORGE ANDREW, b. 3 Nov 1809; bp. 17 June 1810
6.  GEORGE PHILIP (k/a Philip), b. Mar 1812, bp. 18 Nov 1812
7.  JOHN, b. 15 July 1814, bp. 17 Jan 1815; m. Ann Tilbert in 1843 (bp, record at St. John's AnglicanChurch
8. GEORGE DAVID (K/a David), b. 1820


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