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The One Person Cemetery of
Constant Woodworth
1728 - 1777

About 1998 or so, the residents of 78 Leonard Bridge Rd, Lebanon, CT, were building a drive way to their new home, and discovered a headstone lying on its side beneath the surface.  There is surely a grave underneath their present driveway.  They placed the headstone beside the road and have maintained a flower bed around it.

During the June 2011 Woodworth reunion in Griswold, CT, Woodworths visited this most unusual cemetery.

Clyde Woodworth of New Brunswick and Diane Woodworth of Nova Scotia reading the inscription.

The flower bed.

Pulling back the vegetation to read the bottom part of the stone.

Brothers Clyde Woodworth of New Brunswick and Alfred Woodworth of Nova Scotia

"Sacred to the memory of Mr. Constant Woodworth who  lived a
virtuous and exemplary life died with small pox April 13, 1777 in
the 49th year of his age"

Constant is #75 in Jeanette Woodworth's book.  His line is:
1.  Walter       
2.  Joseph    
3.  Joseph    
4.  Jedediah
5.  Constant

The stone, house, and road can be viewed from Google Earth's "street view". 
Copy and paste the following value into Google Earth:
4138' 59.14"N 7218'06.08"W