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Woodworth, Oregon

Bill Woodworth of Pauls Valley, OK, found this Woodworth, Oregon, location.

Woodworth, Oregon is no longer listed as a town, but still has buildings, a railroad depot that has (or had) a sign with WOODWORTH on it,  and a Woodworth Road.  A tourist excursion train runs through the town as it runs between the towns of Hood River and Parkdale.   (NOTE:  Anyone with pictures of the RR depot and town buildings please send to the webmeister for inclusion here.)

To find Woodworth, Oregon, in Google Maps, use the following address (Use only Google Maps, as some map sites work differently):   4800 Woodworth Rd, Parkdale, OR

From Hood River, take either Highway 281 or Highway 35 and go south to Woodworth Road, and turn east from 281, or west from 35.  Follow Woodworth Road until you reach the railroad tracks.

One can take a scenic rail excursion from the town of Hood River to Parkdale at the base of Mt Hood.   The excursion train passes through the former town of Woodworth, but doesn't stop.  For information about the Mt Hood Railroad scenic excursions, see the following:


It is 12 miles from Hood River to Woodworth

Woodworth is about half way between Hood River and the center of Mt. Hood.