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Rose Hill Manor 
(also called "The Woodworth House")

      Rose Hill Manor, 100 Woodworth Blvd, Port Arthur, Texas, was the home of Rome Hatch Woodworth, banker and mayor of Port Arthur.  The home was built in 1906. 
      Rome was born 16 Jan 1870 in Iowa, and died 23 March 1923.  His father was George Reynolds Woodworth, son of Erastus, son of Chancy, son of Stephen, son of Stephen, son of Isaac, son of Walter.  He married Mary ___, and had children Phebe born about 1900, and George Rome born about 1902. 
      The home was willed to daughter Phebe as long as she lived there and to the city when she no longer occupied the home.  Phebe bequeathed the home to the city in 1948.   Since then, it has served as a meeting place for political and social groups as well as public events. The elegant home continues to receive donations of valuable items, and is on the National Register of Historic Places.
       According to early day citizens of Port Arthur, Rome Woodworth left a sizable fortune in the trust of the city for perpetual care of the mansion and grounds.  The city ran short of money and utilized the Rome Woodworth's trust funds for city purposes with a promise that the city would maintain the property in perpetuity to fulfill the intended original purpose of the trust funds.   With the continued turnover in city government over decades, no one seems to recall Rome Woodworth's sizable funds left for the property's care nor the city's agreement to maintain the home in prime condition in exchange for the Woodworth fund takeover by the city.  
The public library at Port Arthur has an extensive collection of Woodworth papers and archives, and which may provide details regarding property funding.

       Location of the home is on the waterway connecting the ocean to the cities of Nederland and Beaumont further inland.  The east yard of the home ends at the waterway.   (See below) 


 Rose Hill Manor                       (409) 985-7292
100 Woodworth Boulevard, Port Arthur 77640
Tours by appointment. Tuesday-Friday 11 am-5 pm; Saturday by appointment only. $1 donation per person. Luncheons and dinners by appointment.  (info may be outdated)


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