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Woodworth Bed and Breakfasts

Tin Lizzie Inn  David and Sharan Woodworth's B&B is close to the
                                entrance of Yosemite National Park.  In addition, one
                                can also rent a genuine Model T from David to drive. 
                                David is a world renowned RV historian, advisor to
                                the Smithsonian, and has displayed his huge collection
                                throughout the US.  Until recently, David had the
                                largest collection of antique camping equipment and
                                RVs in the world.
                                Reviews by Tripadvisor for the Tin Lizzie Inn also
                                receives perfect 5 star reviews.
                                (In the summer of 2010, the webmeister and wife Betty
                                had the grand pleasure of riding as passengers in that
                                Laurel and Hardy style Model T shown on their web
                                page.  Our driver was David Woodworth himself!
                                It was FUN!) 

Lakeview Inn  Hosts Clyde and Virginia Woodworth, owners,
                                attended the Woodworth reunion in Scituate in
                                2007, and they are a delightful, fun couple.   While
                                the inn is near a lake, it is also a few minutes from
                                the Bay of Fundy, which has the highest tides in the
                                world.  Several nearby areas, such as the Hopewell
                                Rocks, are beautiful and great for exploring when
                                the tide is out.  Location:  Alma, New Brunswick,
                                Canada, on the north side of the Bay of Fundy.
Woodworth Wineries and related sites

 Woodworth Vineyards                                                            

Gary and Marlene's winery opened spring of 2009.

Located 1/2 way between San Bernadino and San Diego in Temeucula.
       Gary and Marlene Woodworth
                       23700 Serreno Rd., Temecula, CA 92590
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HiCountry Home and Garden   Clifford "Woody" and Catherine
                            Woodworth's wine and beer making accessories, plus
                            garden and feed supplies. No wine or beer sales at present.
                            Accessories only -- however, they are now in the middle of
                            construction and expanding into a full winery and cafe.

at 243 Washington St., Monument, CO 80132
                                   Phone 719-481-3477   
 High Country on Facebook      

Nine (9) Woodworth cities and towns in the USA.
    Woodworth, CA           About 60 miles north of San Francisco, CA.  

   Woodworth, IL     The town was named after Mr. James Woodworth,
                                    the postmaster of Milford, to repay him for helping
                                    the town secure a post office.
                                    Story of Woodworth, IL 
                                    and more Woodworth, IL history.
   Woodworth, LA   The city is believed to have acquired its name
                                   from the "Woodworth Lumber Yard" in the 1940s,
                                   when the town was mostly a rural area.

   Woodworth, MT
  Photo 1943 Photo dozer
                                            Photo2 1943  More
                                           Actual town is on east shore of Seely lake on west end
                                            of Woodworth Road.

   Woodworth, NC   
   Woodworth, ND    Founded in 1911. Named for J.G. Woodworth, a railroad official

   Woodworth, OH    Just south of Youngstown, OH.  Includes a
                                   Woodworth Park where music performances are held

   Woodworth, OR   Located northeast of Mt Hood about 12 miles, and
                                   about 1/2 way between Mt. Hood and the Columbia

Woodworth, WI  Woodworth is located on Kenosha County Highway MB at 82nd Street. The Kenosha and Rockford Railroad (the "KD Line". now gone) brought prosperity and activity to Woodworth, and a U.S. post office is located there. By 1920, a large serum laboratory had been built in Woodworth. It provided wartime vaccines for troops and civilians. Woodworth's rural appearance has been featured in at least one on-location television commercial, as well as in the 1999 movie, The Last Great Ride, starring Ernest Borgnine and Eileen Brennan.  Woodworth Corners got its name from Bristol landowner Linus Woodworth. 

Woodworth Historical Homes

  Villa Serendip    Recently burned to the ground.  A former
                                           Woodworth home, and a wonderful bed and
                                           breakfast in Cohocton, NY.  It was
                                           owned and hosted by Fran Ambroselli.
The former Woodworth owner's line was

    Rose Hill Manor (or The Woodworth House),
Port Arthur, TX

    The Woodworth House, Bell Gardens, CA 

   The Woodworth House, Refugio, TX

   The Woodworth House,  Ft Wayne, IN

      Mount Woodworth in California's King's Canyon

     Woodworth Glacier in Alaska near Valdez
  Another page

     Woodworth Field at Kalamazoo College a baseball field in
             Kalamazoo, Michigan

     Woodworth Hill -a little hill in the eastern half of Montana  Another page

       Woodworth Cove  A large cove on the Bay of Fundy, Kings County, Nova Scotia
                              named after one of the number of  Woodworths who appear as
                              grantees of Cornwallis Township.
       Woodworth Lake near Gloversville, NY   A Boy Scout lake

      Woodworth Little League Park at Norwell, MA   Straight west of Scituate, MA

        Woodworth Cemeter Unusual one-person cemetery in Lebanon, CT



Woodworth cities and towns in Canada
    Woodworth, Manitoba
and its historyMore about its founder Joseph E. Woodworth.



Know of more Woodworth places, cities, and towns?  Please write wildwudy@aol.com and mention "here's a location (or city or town or feature) for your 'Woodworth Places' page".

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