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Interesting Woodworth People and kinfolk

  Jeanette (Woodworth) Behan  Author (deceased) of The Woodworth Family of America, Descendants of Walter Woodworth of Scituate of 1630 Through Six Generations, published 1988
Also published a series of Woodworth newsletters.
Jim Behan Jeanette's husband.  And maintains Jeanette's records.
David Woodworth, RV Historian
World known historian on antique RVs.  I met him at his RV display in Oklahoma City.
Marjorie Woodworth Hollywood movie star of the early 1940s
The Maybelline Girl
Fashion model
WWII pinup
Dr John Maynord Woodworth
see also
 Dr John Maynord Woodworth
First Surgeon General of the United States.     His line:
1.  Walter
2.  Isaac
3. Daniel
4. Daniel
5. William
6. Daniel
7. John Maynard Woodworth, b Big Flats, NY, 14 Aug 1887
Prof. Robert Sessions Woodworth Prominent psychologist at Columbia Univ., NY.
  Prof. Charles W. Woodworth Prominent entomologist.
  Randy Wall His DNA matches Walter b 1612 & his line goes back to Ireland(!)
Steven E. Woodworth, professor, author, Civil War Historian


History professor at Texas Christian University. Writer of many history books on the Civil War.         His "personal office"

Prof. Steven is not to be confused with Stephen Woodworth, fiction writer of novels such as "With Red Hands", "Through Violet Eyes", and "From Black Rooms".

These are the two Woodworths that seem to show up in what seems like thousands of places when one does a Google on "Woodworth".

  Woodworths of the Mohawk Nation We have a professor from the Mohawk nation, and a picture of a "Woody Woodworth" in full regalia.  The latter picture was taken in Nov 1997.  Unfortunately, the "real" name of this Woody is unknown.  He's a Mohawk Indian that was living in the San Antonio area.  Anyone know the name of this Woodworth?  Let me know.
Stephen Woodworth, Canadian Parliament Stephen was elected to Canada's Parliament in October 2008
Stephen is descended from "William, English soldier of Quebec"
  Selah Woodworth, d July 4, 1825 Only known Woodworth to meet tragedy while celebrating the 4th of July.  One wonders what happened to Selah's little girl.  She went on to marry and one of her descendants is our Jane Cooper, who is listed on the Walter Descendancy Lines page.   This 1825 clipping is from the Leader Herald newspaper of Fulton, NY. 

Floyd H. Woodworth, inventor

Floyd H. Woodworth, together with C. M. Chorpening, were co-inventors of the Astatic model microphones in 1933.  Woodworth and Chorpening founded the Astatic corporation, with Woodworth as president and Chorpening as vice-president.  The D-104 model microphone was produced from 1933 to 2001 for a total of 68 years.  His genealogy is:
. .Walter
2. .Benjamin
2.  Ebenezer (1691-1784)
3,..Ebenezer (b. 1718)
4.  Ezra (1763-1834)
5.  Horatio (1798-1863)
6.  Horation (1822-1896)
7.  Lucius (1862-1949)
8.  Floyd.     (Thanks to Diane Liebert for finding this line)
Scott Woodworth of Loudmouth Apparel Creator of the world's most outrageous golf pants!  Pants are used in Olympics.
Adam Woodworth, Photographer Incredible photography.        His line:
Frank H(8),
Arthur H(9), Arthur Vance(10), Vance Ernest(11), Adam(12)



Woodworth politicians (Click here to leave this site and go to Political Graveyard site)


Things named after Woodworths

The Old Oaken Bucket Trophy, based on Samuel Woodworth's song of the same name, goes to the winner of the Purdue Boilermakers and Indiana Hoosier football game each year.  This tradition goes back to 1925.
Woodworthia and more images.  Relatively rare petrified wood named after Prof. J. B. Woodworth.  Woodworthia can be purchased on eBay.
USS Woodworth and more infoDestroyer ship, named after Selim E. Woodworth

Woodworth's Frog and more info   A frog found in the Philippines

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